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Application Form - Company/SME

Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.
  • Briefly describe the solution. Idea and or product or solution you are developing in details here clearly. Tell us what it is and how it works. Maximum two paragraphs but BE SPECIFIC.
  • Tell us the problem you are solving, and also how your target customers are solving that problem currently. Why do people / businesses need this? Define how big this problem / need is. Be specific with numbers. Don’t say “everyone in Tanzania and there are 44MM people.” Be specific.
  • Tell us who your target customers are and where they can be found. Who will buy this product? If you say “shop keepers” then tell us what kind of shops and how many and where.
  • Tell us why you think people will use this product. What is its competitive advance compared to what is already available on the market?How or why is it better? How does it compare in cost / price? If you say it will “save time” then tell us step-by-step how people are solving this problem now and how using your solution saves time or is so much more convenient. In other words, don’t just tell us, show us.
  • What is/are your revenue streams? If you answer “online advertising” then tell how much you think you will charge for what and how much traffic you think you can generate to be worth that. If you say “fees” tell us what these fees are and how they compare to the costs or fees that customers are currently paying to solve your business problem or need.
  • How you will get customers? How will they find out about you? If you answer “advertising online” or “via salespeople” or “radio” then provide some kind of budget for marketing and sales. How many people do you think you can reach and what will it cost?
  • Briefly tell us other people/companies that have similar solutions? If you say "no one" than indicate how customers are solving this problem now.
  • If you are starting up something new, how long will it take before you are ready to market? When can you expect revenues and what will your costs be to get there?
  • Provide a 24 month revenue and expense forecast (spreadsheet) showing all your costs and expenses and expected revenues.
  • Tell us the skills you have e.g. you have computer science skills; you are a programmer, etc. What business experience do you have?
  • Tell us how we can help you develop your idea and bring it to market.